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Mahogany is a deciduous plant, native of South Florida in United States and Caribbean islands. It is commonly known as American Mahogany, Cuban Mahogany, small leaved Mahogany and West Indian Mahogany. It belongs to China Berry family found in Mexico and Central South America. Grows in wet and dry tropical forests from the sea level to the altitude of 4.600 ft. It regularly takes 12 years to reach a mature height of 50 ft. which means, they have domyhomework relatively fast growth rate compared to other trees. it will grow up to 150 ft . height also with an average of 12 ft. diameter. Seeds will grow in a woody capsule called sky fruit, 6 inches long, same as wood color, woody not softy or fleshy.


There are 3 predominant varieties exists

1) Swietenia Mahogany,

2) Swietenia Humilis,

3) Swietenia Macrophylla. 

Following are important points for cultivation of Mahogany:

  1. South African trees with high commercial value.
  2. Climate conditions in India are quite suitable.
  3. It can be grown in any soil conditions.
  4. Trees grows from 60-80 ft. in India over 10-12 years time @ 3 to 4 ft. per year.
  5. The only option to the farmers to grow rich.
  6. It has got very fast growth rate compared to other trees.
  7. Planted under ideal conditions, in the right climate to help ensure, productive healthy growth.
  8. Trees do best when planted in areas that receive partial to full sun, does not grow well in shade.
  9. Can grow in a range of soil types but they do thrive best in well-drained sandy loam soils.
  10.  Plenty of apace to be Own to the tree as it grows large heights and spreads.
  11.  Avoid heavily shaded areas as trees are considered tropical varieties and thrive best in warm daisies
  12.  Harsh winters can easily damage trees winters below 40°F or 4.4° celsieus.
  13.  Amid heavy clay soils and duplex soils. Do best in neutral soils. Survive well in strongly acidic soils, but not in alkaline soils. If you need to use naturally alkaline soil, amend it with Sphagnum peat, Ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Sulfur coated urea or Agricultural Sulfur.
  14.  Since trees are deep rooted, make sure that the soil you plant a in runs deep too.
  15.  Space – Plant the trees atleast 15 feet (4.7 meters) away from any house or age structures.
  16.  Dig a pit 20* (50.8 crn) deep.
  17.  Mix organic material, compost, top soil to the pit, plant the seedling, spacing 10 to 15ft. both rows and columns.
  18. Recommended for buffer strip planting around parking lots or for medium strip planting In Highways, reclaimation plant screen, shade tree, residential street tree. It can be germ successfully in urban areas where air pollution, poor drainage. compacted soil and other conditions.
  19.  Seeds contains a variety of metabolities, flavonoids, saponins and steroids, terpenoids, and can change the order of the DNA chain in the cell nucleus.

Revenues to the Farmers:
The plantation has got high medicinal values as follows:
1) Blood circulation improvement
2) Controlling blood sugar (seeds).
3) Insect deterrent (Powder)
4) Treating constipation (Crushed seeds)
5) Reduce Alzheimers disease (Seed powder)
6) For Menstruation to ladies. (Seed powder)
7) For sexual disorders (Sky fruits)
8) Lack of appetite prevention (Sky fruits)
9) Combating free radicles with antioxidants.
10)Lowering the fat build up in the blood stream.
11)Lowers cholesterol and boost immune system.
12)Improves health by taking seed supplements.
Carbon credit incentives:

The plantation has been recommended by the United Nations Organisation under the scheme of Carbon Credit Deposit incentives in Maharashtra and Karnataka states in India and is going to become most popular plantation in Andhra Pradesh also, as most of the farmers are interested to take up the Mahogany plantation in their lands. As per the known knowledge, it gives a profit of nearly 1 Crore per acre within a period of 12 years growth, in all its produces, i.e., wood, bark, timber, and its sky fruits. The plantation also is entitled to get the benefit of modafinil online from the United Nations Organisation under Carbon Credit deposits. Hence, by visualizing all the above facts and factors into consideration, the plantation is beneficial by two types of Carbon Credits.

1) VER (Voluntary Emissions Reduction).
2) CER (Certified Emissions Reduction) of green houses.
(One Carbon Credit is equivalent to one tone of Carbon-dioxide).

A carbon credit is a tradable permit or certificate that provides the holder of generic aurogra, the right to emit one ton of Carbon-dioxide or an equivalent of another green house gas. The main goal for the creation of Carbon Credits is the reduction of emissions of Carbon-dioxide and other green house gasses from industrial activities to reduce the effect of global warming.

      Hence, in view of all the above explained technical reasons, there is every need for its encouragement of taking up the plantations in all the feasible lands of the farmers in Andhra Pradesh to get the benefits of its cultivation.

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